How to fix a Leaking Shower Head Australia?

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How to fix a Leaking Shower Head Australia?

Facing leakage problems in taps or showers is a common thing for every person. You can’t say that you haven’t experienced such problems in your life. But the main thing is to learn how to fix a leaking shower head Australia.

Mostly, people start searching for shower repair services to resolve the problem. But you can also try to overcome this issue by following simple steps. If you don’t know about them, you should read this blog. In this guide, we will share 5 simple steps to get rid of the leaking problem in your shower.

Major causes of shower head leakage

Before learning the steps to remove shower leakage, you should understand the major causes. It will help you in estimating which step will be good to go for the solution. Undoubtedly, the shower leakage can be because of equipment failure, faulty attachment, etc.

But the major causes of this problem include inappropriate cleaning of shower heads, faulty washers, and faulty valves. Most leakage cases are caused by these equipment failures. So, we have shared 5 simple steps to learn how to fix a leaking shower head Australia easily.

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5 steps to fix a leaking shower head

If you have ever dealt with a leaking tap fixture, you will find this fixing of shower heads pretty simple. You can easily understand the following steps and get your shower in the right condition for smooth working. 

1.      Water Supply Cutting

The very first step that you should take in this regard is water supply discontinuity. Keep in mind that you should cut the water supply regardless of the equipment you are dealing with. It is because if you don’t do so, you will waste the water as well as be unable to find the solution.

You can cut the water connection easily by using the valve connected to the main supply. It may either be available in your garden or just beside the outer door of your house. 

shower head Water Supply Cutting

2.      Detach Shower Head

Once you have cut the water supply, it is time to detach the shower head. But before that, we recommend you turn on the shower to remove the water from the pipeline. After that, you have to detach the shower head from its body by removing the nuts and bolts.

Be careful while doing so as minor mistakes will hurt you as well as damage the shower. It means you may get physical damage or financial damage by not paying attention. 

3.      Clean Thoroughly 

Once you have removed the shower head, it is time to clean it thoroughly. It might be possible that you haven’t done so for a long and dust is causing the leakage. So, you should first try cleaning it thoroughly using a simple and plain cloth. 

We recommend you wear gloves to avoid any cuts if the cloth is torn during the cleaning process. Along with this, you can also use soft foam to clean the head if it is available around you. Make sure to remove dust or any other particles making it hard for water to pass through properly.

4.      Replace the Faulty Parts

Before attaching the shower head and checking it, you should check the valve and washer. Sometimes, the cause isn’t the dust but the faulty parts of the shower head. So, you should thoroughly examine these parts and make sure to replace the faulty ones.

It will help you save time that you may need to invest again if you have fitted the shower and facing the same issue. We recommend you check these parts thoroughly to find the faulty one and replace it carefully. 

Replace the shower head Faulty Parts

5.      Fix the Shower Head

When you have replaced the faulty parts or cleaned the shower head, you should fix it back to its body. You should do it carefully and create a proper connection between the pipes and the shower head.

To connect it properly, you should use the nuts and bolts carefully. It is good to screw them loosely first to check if the issue has been solved. Once you have checked and found the issue resolved, you can tighten them with the screws. 

What to do if the above steps do not help?

If you are new to the field of fixtures of household equipment, you may not be able to get rid of this problem by following the above tips. It doesn’t mean that the tips are not worthy but the issue is you may be making some mistakes.

With this experience, you may not be able to fix squeaky floorboard issues that are considered the basic problems related to the floor. In such a case, you should hire some professionals who will come and resolve such issues.

You can hire experienced staff from Fix Australia to resolve different issues related to home-used products. Whether you are looking for washroom renovation or pipeline checking, you will find the concerned professionals here. 

Final Verdict

By reading the above guide, you may be ready to fix the shower head leakage. We have shared the simplest steps in terms of how to fix a leaking shower head Australia. Anyone can understand them and follow them without facing any issues.

If you are unable to resolve the issue, it might be because your shower head is completely damaged. To evaluate this and have an idea about the solution, you should consider Fix Australia and hire professionals

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