How to fix a leaking tap?

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How to fix a leaking tap?

Leaking of a tap is the most common problem, especially in kitchens. Mostly, people look for professionals to get rid of this problem instead of learning how to fix a leaking tap. Don’t look for anyone as this fixture can be done by you.

It will be an easy approach to resolve this problem by following a few steps. In this blog, we are going to show you the method to accomplish this task with perfection. Let’s get started and learn about it!

Reasons for tap leaking

Before fixing anything like a tap, you should understand the reasons for a specific problem. Every problem has specific reasons and the solution depends on the reason directly.

For example, if you have a major problem in the pipeline of the washroom, you need to look for a washroom renovation instead of a fixture. The reason why you need renovation is the major problem causing the pipeline issue. Here we have listed a few reasons for tap leaking in your house.

  • You may have used an incompatible washer for your tap.
  • The washer may have been broken.
  • Your valve seating may have been damaged or placed incorrectly.
  • The O-ring may be held loosely with the tap.

These are some common reasons that can cause the tap leakage. Undoubtedly, you may be thinking that the method of fixture is different for all of these. But it is completely wrong as you can stop the leakage of the tap by following a general method shared below.

Things to Know when fixing a leaking Tap?

In this section, we will show you how you can fix the tap leaking issue. You can easily understand the process as it has been written simply to let everyone understand it.

fix a leaking tap

Prepare Yourself

Before starting any fixture, you should prepare yourself. Doesn’t matter whether you are looking for shower repair or a tap leaking fixture, you will need to get ready first. This step is common whether you are learning how to fix shower or a tap.

But, it doesn’t mean you have to wear the dress like plumbers. You need to make the necessary arrangements to get started and accomplish this task. While looking to fix tap leaking, you should first identify the point where the leakage is. It is not compulsory that the problem is in your tap’s internal parts.

Your tap might be leaking because of a problem in the pipeline connected to it. So, you need to find a company like Fix Australia instead of fixing it by yourself. In simple words, you should identify the leakage spot first.

Secondly, it is good to understand the type of tap you have in your place. No doubt, the method to fix leaking is similar in both types of commonly used taps. But you have to understand the type for better understanding and implementation of the fixture method.

Lastly, you should turn off the water supply before you get started with the following steps discussed in terms of how to fix a leaking tap. This is because you shouldn’t waste the water while moving to the leakage removal steps.

Pick the Equipment

Once you have done with the above checks, you should pick the following equipment. Whether you are fixing leakage in tap or squeaky floorboards under carpet, you need specific instruments to deal with the process.

Here is the list of those devices that you need to fix the leaking tap.

  • Screwdriver
  • Necessary tap valves (replacing parts)
  • Lubricant
  • Spanner
  • Dry cloth

These products will help you in fixing a leaking tap. It will be pretty simple to go with the next steps if you pay attention to this guide.

6 Steps to fix leaking tap

Here we have discussed the six steps through which you can get rid of tap leaking. It is right to say that these steps are perfect for understanding how to fix a leaking tap without problems.

1.      Remove the Handle

First thing first, you should remove the handle of your tap. Usually, the screw that keeps it fixed is accessible through the above part of the tap. You have to use the spanner to open this screw and get the handle off.

Leaking tap fixer in Australia

2.      Open the O-ring

Inside the handle’s structure, you will find an O-ring or jumper valve fixed there. You can check them as it is if you are a technical person. But if you are not, you have to remove the valve using the screwdriver or any other specific instrument.

Keep in mind that you may have to use a specific instrument depending on the shape of the valve. Along with this, you should be careful as a little push can damage the structure of the tap. In turn, you have to replace the tap instead of fixing it.

3.      Replace the O-ring/Jumper Valve

It is time to replace the damaged ring/valve with the new one. You can easily do so by placing the O-ring and washer in place of the damaged one. Be careful as minor changes will not let you resolve this problem.

After placing them carefully, you should use the tap lubricant to fix these rings. It will help you keep them in position instead of facing loose placement.

4.      Fix the Spindle

Once you have placed the valves in the required space, it is time to fix the spindle. You have to put the spindle in its required place and use the bonnet to fix it. Never put a lot of force on the spindle as it will break it.

In addition to this, be careful while tightening the bonnet. You should have to use smooth hands and use a screwdriver to put the bonnet in place.

5.      Fit the Tap

Now, you have to put the internal structure of the tap in the place from you have removed it. Turn on the water supply and check if the leakage has stopped. It is confirmed that you have solved this issue if the problem is in the structure of the tap.

If it is not, check the placements of valves. Sometimes, the issue is in the tap and you can’t solve the issue by replacing the valves. So, you should choose another tap if the issue hasn’t been solved.

6.      Re-fixing the Tap

Once you have checked and resolved the problem of tap leakage by following the above steps, it is time to re-fix everything. You should fix the handle carefully and use the same bonnet to adjust it. After that, you can start using the tap without the problem of leakage for a specific time.

Final Wrapping

By reading this guide, you must have learned how to fix a leaking tap. We have shared a step-by-step guide to let everyone understand it. You may have learned enough about the solution and are ready to get rid of this problem. you may also contact us to fix tap leakage,

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